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WATCH THE UKULELE WORKSHOP FINAL CONCERT:  Pachebel Canon!!  in Just 4 classes!

BEGINNING WATERCOLOR PAINTING:  Learn the basics of watercolor painting as you paint your own watercolor masterpiece.  Supplies provided,  Lori Thomas and Jennifer Sorensen Instructors.  $20/adult; $10/child 12-18 yr.

RSVP HERE    Payments made at the workshop

ZOOM ART and MUSIC! We are trying to be creative in getting our artists and musicians motivated to CREATE and PLAY during this time of distancing.  


We will be doing a ZOOM Music Share on the 1st and 3rd THURSDAYS of each month (starting Thursday July 16 at 7 pm).  It will be like a song circle... all abilities welcome. 
Here's how we hope it will work:  Participants will RSVP for the session and download the ZOOM application on their computer.   They will receive an invitation to the ZOOM session from the host...this invitation has a date, time and a link for a website.  At the time of the session,  you will click on the link and join the group.  All participants will initially be on mute, but all can be seen.  We'll then go around the group, anyone interested in sharing a song will be unmuted... you can provide the chords and lyrics to us ahead of time (by email and they can appear on the screen), so people can play along with you...the only one being heard is the person sharing the song (since everyone else is muted).  IF you just want to play a song that you've been working on, that is fine also.  When others play along, they won't be heard (they're muted) and can make any/all mistakes they want!!  but at least we have a group to play with... There is no requirement to lead or share a song...  you can just listen and/or play along with others.
IF you are interested in participating on July 16, please
click here

ZOOM ART Share:  So, yup, we're getting really adventurous here!!   We're going to host a trial ZOOM ART SHARE on Thursday July 23 at 7 pm.  This is for artists who want to share their artwork in progress with others.  Jennifer Sorensen will be on the session and will provide ideas/comments about your work.  You can also just show us what you've accomplished recently and receive some well-deserved praise for your creativity!  You'll be an inspiration to others!See the information about joining a ZOOM session above under the ZOOM Music Share.  IF you are interested in participating on July 23, please click here!

USING PAN PASTELS for PAINTING  Learn the basics of using Pan Pastels for your drawing.  Techniques, tips and secrets of the medium. Supplies provided,  Pam Brown, Instrucctor.  $20/adult; $10/child 12-18 yr.

RSVP HERE    Payments made at the workshop

LEARN TO DRAW:  learn the basics of Drawing, the most important skill in all of art, painting, etc.  Learn to Draw what you see, all about contrasts, shading.  Instructor: Jennifer Sorensen $20/adult; $10/child 12-18 yr.  


Supporting the Creative Arts in Ogden Valley

Mountain Arts and Music is a 501(c)3 Organization EIN: 36-4793223

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