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Local Valley Artists Qualify for the 16th Statewide

Black & White Exhibit !

The Eccles Community Arts Center in Ogden is hosting the 16th Black & White Competition (2019).  The statewide competition is a juried biennial competition open to recent works by Utah artists. Original work in all media, including paintings, prints, monoprints, drawings, graphics, photographs, pottery, sculptures and textiles are eligible.  Works displayed are in black, white and/or shades of gray.
This year there were 276 entries, and only 176 were admitted for judging and are part of the exhibit.  Eight artists from Ogden Valley had their works accepted and are on display for the exhibit that opened Friday Feb 2. 
"Twisted Trees"
Shelley Baty, Eden
wood burning
Marie Casas, Eden
Snowflake #78
Doug Wewer, Eden
Snowflake #39"
Doug Wewer, Eden
Trish Painter, Liberty
pen & ink
"BOOTS"   pencil
Sariah Wight, Eden
"Stepping Stones
fairy Gnome Land Series"
Paige Barth, Eden
"When a Tree Was Your Best Friend"
Jennifer Sorenson, Huntsville
pen & ink
Flannery O'Connor
Sheryl Brown, Liberty
pen & ink
Note:  many of these pictures were taken at the gallery, hence lighting, alignment and coloring may not be exact
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