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A collaborative project with HALO/Compass Rose Lodge, Valley Elementary and Snowcrest Middle School Science classes

The Ogden Valley Planet tour will place artistic renderings of the sun and the planets in their relative sizes and distances from the “sun,” located at the HALO grounds in Huntsville.  These planet renderings will be placed along the Valley bike path between the its southern most point in Huntsville to its middle point Eden and two more to the north in Liberty.

The starting point for the Solar System Garden is the “sun” sculpture located at the Compass Rose Hotel. From this “sun,” the distance between seven planets will be laid out along the bike path from Huntsville to Eden (map attached with locations) with the remaining two placed in Liberty and at the south gate of North Fork Park.  An accurate placement gives the pubic a relative idea of the distances between all the planets in the solar system.   The sizes of the planets will also be scaled relative to the sun.

The project includes partnerships with the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory (HALO) located in the Compass Rose Hotel in Huntsville, Snowcrest Middle School science and art programs, and local metal artist Mary Hardy and fabricator Steven Thompson. 

the sun sculpture will be placed at the Compass Rose Lodge in Huntsville.  It will be 14 ft in diameter and has been set in place Sept 9 - completion Sept 16.

Rendering of the Sun

Each planet will have an information sign and a spherical replica that is relative in size to the sun.  The planets will be placed in Huntsville and along the pineview bike path at points that are relative distance to the sun

Examples of planet signs

by Mary Hardy & Steven Thompson


Planet spheres- relative to the size of Sun

Placement of the PLANETS
The first 7 planets will be placed between Huntsville and Eden, with  the first 5 in Huntsville Town.  the placement of the planets are found on the maps below.
Image 4-23-22 at 1.35 PM.jpeg
Image 4-23-22 at 1.33 PM.jpeg
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