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About Us

Mountain Arts and Music was approved as an official 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization in November 2014.  Our mission is "Supporting the Creative Arts in Ogden Valley".  We work toward our mission by promoting and organizing music and art activities in Ogden Valley.   We have been successful in offering a variety services that support the creative arts in Ogden Valley, including:

• Offering a variety of arts and music workshops for the public

• Providing opportunities for musicians to perform and artists to exhibit their works

• Providing opportunity for artists to come together and work on their artwork at a bi-monthy  Open Studio

• Providing opportunity for musicians to gather and play and share music together

• Provide opportunity for musicians to get experience playing on stage at an open mic setting at OPEN


• Provide the community with the opportunity to try their hand and learn how to watercolor at OPEN ARTS


• Serve as a resource for artists and musicians to access programs offered by the State Division of Arts &

   Museums and to  access display opportunities throughout the county

• Offer the opportunity for informal  music concerts by traveling musicians coming through the area

   (house concerts).

• Host an annual ARTS and MUSIC FESTIVAL.

• Serve as a resource for art/music for local businesses and organizations

• Support the Snowcrest Middle School arts and music programs when needed.

• Offer a family friendly Arts and Music Festival in the Valley

• Offer a kids' art club after school for elementary students

• Offer a regular fiber guild gathering

Our ultimate goal is to get people to DO ART and/or MUSIC and to discover the joys of discovering their creative talents.

We prefer to use local Ogden Valley artists for our instructors, and pull in others as needed, and  do our best to provide funding for performing musicians when possible.   

We are especially appreciative of individuals who donate to our fundraising efforts.

Funding Sources

We have been grateful for the fundraising assistance provided by the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley (CFOV), which provides matching funds to our nonprofit organization.  Any donations to Mountain Arts and Music qualifies for matching funds at the end of the summer.  This has been invaluable for our operations and for facilitating our applications for other matching grants through other organizations.   We are grateful to the individual donors who facilitate our CFOV efforts.

We are grateful to the Weber County RAMP program for matching funds for our events.   These funds have helped sponsor our first workshop series, our Arts and Music Festival, and our OPEN ARTS & MUSIC summer program.

We received funding from Utah Humanities for support of the Monastery Film Screening in April 2019.

We are also grateful to the Utah Division of Arts and Museums for providing funding for our first summer of OPEN ARTS & MUSIC.   We have also received a "Capacity Building" Grant and most recently, two years of General Operating Funds.  Their support for our work has been very valuable.

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