Open Arts and Music is held every Thursday and includes an open mic on stage, kids' art station staffed by two art education students from Weber State University, and Adult Art.  The tables set up in the yard for people to eat their dinner from the Blue Coyote or Huntsville BBQ also had watercolor paper, brushes and paints for people to try their hand at art.  Lori Thomas and Jennifer Sorenson (Two of the Valley's extraordinary art teachers) strolls around to get people started painting!

Artists also to bring their art in progress and work on it outside in this beautiful shaded, cool yard where they could get inspiration from other artists, and listen to great local music!



Supporting the Creative Arts in Ogden Valley

Mountain Arts and Music is a 501(c)3 Organization EIN: 36-4793223

PO Box 556,  Eden, UT, 84310.

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