I am originally from southern Germany (Baden Wuerttemberg) where all of my 7 siblings and extended relatives still live to this day. Both of my parents were artists in their own way. My Dad played several instruments and my Mom tried herself in a variety of crafts (Wood, paper and yarn). This said, the heart for beauty of everything my senses can grasp was given to me by my parents. A gift I’m trying to bring alive with each and every hat I knit.


The question I get sometimes is, why I chose the name “BOLDhat” on the leather tags that I attach to the hats. Well, this is going back to my parents again. My maiden name is “Bold”. After my parents passed away, I wanted to create something that kept their name and therefor my parents’ memory and history alive for my family here in the States. Since I am not much of a reader, I decided to bring my mom’s knitting books back to the US. It didn’t take long, and I started knitting hats. The first 100 hats I just gave away to family, friends and co-workers. The more hats I knitted, the more I got to hear that I needed to sell them.


Each hat is unique and an original. Two things all hats have in common: they are very warm, and they all have the leather tag in front “BOLDhat – Handmade in Eden, UT”.   You may contact me at:  E-mail:   Text: 801-808-8639.  I am also on Facebook and Instagram: @BOLDhats

Strawberry Beanie
Trapper's Hat
Strawberry Beret
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Mountain Arts and Music is a 501(c)3 Organization EIN: 36-4793223

PO Box 556,  Eden, UT, 84310.

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