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Mountain Arts and Music Is partnering with Weber State University in an Oral History Project about the Huntsville Monastery.  The Trappist Monastery, also known as the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity that was located in Huntsville, UT for 70 years.

Anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences and memories of their interactions with the Monastery /Monks is invited to participate in this project.

Interested individuals will be asked to answer a few questions which will be used to personalize a 30 minute taped interview.  Please contact us to contact the interviewer, who will schedule your interview at a time and place that is convenient to you.

The interviews/ stories will be archived at Weber State University Library, and will be available to the public through podcast programs and printed formats in newsletter or newspaper articles. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact us please click hereYou will be contacted by the interviewer.


The Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity was a Trappist Cistercian monastery in Huntsville, Utah. It was established in 1947, in the wake of WWII.  Thirty-two monks founded the abbey. At one point there were 84 monks and novices.  The monks supported themselves by farming and beekeeping on the 1,840 acres of land, which constituted their holdings.  They also sold bread, multigrain cereal, creamed honey, and handmade clocks in a gift shop that became an important landmark in rural Ogden Valley.   Over time, the number of monks at the abbey dwindled and their average age increased; consequently, the projects stopped and the shop eventually closed.  The abbey celebrated its final mass on August 27, 2017, and was closed soon afterward. 

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