My work is still quite young, and it is only thanks to the guidance of Jennifer Sorenson that is here at all. That said, I appreciate the opportunity to show what I have learned. As in earlier photographic work, my preference is black and white, which dictates my media. I use pencil, charcoal, pen and ink for most everything I draw. 


My first efforts were dedicated to illustrating a book that I am writing about my grandfather’s horseback journey through the new state of New Mexico, using his antique photos for references. Then, I turned to drawing my favorite writers; interesting photos that I had taken and celebs, using Richard Avedon’s photos; finally, modern painters and their work. Here, I used color rendering their work in the background. As you can see, these drawings are personally attached to my particular interests. I hope they speak to you.

New Mexico/Colorado 1913

In Spite of Us:
Laborers on Wolf Creek Pass, CO  
11"x9" ink
Navajo Hogan, Shiprock, NM  
11"x9"  ink
Temptation in the Garden,
Shiprock, NM  
ink 11"x9"


Jorge Luis Borges, author
11"x9", pencil
Dostoevsky, author  
11"x9"  ink
T.S. Eliot, author  
11"x9" ink
Zora Neal Hurston, author 
9"x11"  pencil/charcoal



Flannery O'Connor, author  
11"x9". ink
Eudora Welty, author 
11"x9". pencil
Loulou de la Falaise, Avedon 
11"x9". pencil
Coco Channel, Avedon 
11"x9". pencil/charcoal
Janice Joplin, Avedon   11"x9"
Marlene Dietrich, Avedon 
11"x9" pencil
Ladies Who Lunch, Avedon 
9"x11". pencil/charcoal
11"x9" pencil/charcoal


Bette Midler, Avedon  
11"x9"  pencil/charcoal
Stood Up, Avedon 
11"x9" pencil
Georges Braque, painter   11"x14"
pencil/charcoal and watercolor
Marcel Duchamps, painter  
11"x14" pencil and watercolor
Gustav Klimt, painter   11"x14"
pencil and watercolor
Modigliani, painter  
11"x14" pencil and watercolor
Lee Krasner. painter  
11"x14" pencil and watercolor
Max Ernst/painter  
11"x14" pencil and watercolor
Rene Magritte. painter   11"x14"
pencil/charcoal and watercolor
Egon Schliele/painter  
11"x14" pencil and watercolor


Lobster traps, Bar Harbor
 13"x17"  ink 
Mom, 2019 
11"x9". pencil
Ruidoso races 1, New Mexico  
13"x17" ink
Ruidoso races 2, New Mexico  
13"x17" ink
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