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Replaced by Winter Open Arts & Music on the THIRD THURSDAY OF APRIL & MAY, 2024
On the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, artists and musicians gather at the Eden Community Center/Bowery (2100 N. 5600 E. in Eden Park).

ARTISTS bring their artwork in progress to work on and get inspiration, encouragement and ideas from their peers as well as from an art instructor.
     We have either Jennifer Sorensen or Lori Thomas at the Open Studio to provide guidance to the artists. Mountain Arts and Music pays them a small amount with the hopes that artists who receive guidance or instruction from them will contribute to the envelope!  We range from 2 to 10 artists working on their creations on any given evening!

MUSICIANS of all abilities bring their instruments and share songs with others, learn new songs and play together...serenading the artists!
     Our format is a circle, we go around the circle and each person can play a song they are working on, or suggest a song from the songbook (we use RISE UP SINGING and it's sequel RISE AGAIN - both have many well known songs with lyrics and chords to follow).  Some participants bring words with chords and hand out to the group.  It is a free-flowing, non-judgemental, respectful and fun group music session!  All music genres, instruments are welcome!

music circle

Eden Community Center/Bowery (2100 N. 5600 E)
Eden Park, Old Town Eden

art for all ages
art instruction when needed
taking time for art
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