Mountain Arts and Music is a nonprofit organization in Ogden Valley, UT. 
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Upcoming Events
Saturday September 24:  CELEBRATION CONCERT for the OV PLANET TOUR:  5 pm Huntsville Park.

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Ogden Valley has some very talented artists! 

To motivate local artists, and to showcase the talent in Ogden Valley, please check out our LOCAL ARTISTS GALLERY by clicking on the name. below.

Linda Babcock, Eden

Shelly Baty, Eden

Pam Brown, Liberty

Sheryl Brown, Liberty

Trevor Burke, Eden

Alexandra Evans, Eden

Maggie Nylander, Liberty

Ron Nylander, Liberty

Trish Painter, Liberty

Sue Poulsen, Liberty

Jennifer Sorensen, Huntsville

Ingrid Sanchez, Eden

Jo Stephens, Eden

Lori Thomas, N Ogden

note: All images of the artist’s work on this site are the sole property of the artist. They are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of the artist.

Mountain Arts and Music is fully dependent on donations.  Please consider donating to our organization to help us "support the Creative Arts in Ogden Valley". Thank You!